What we value

  1. Friendship and family. Being built together as in Ephesians 2:22
  2. The Bible as our foundation for building church and for life.
  3. Welcoming the Holy Spirit, the release and outworking of spiritual gifts.
  4. Lively and intimate worship, congregational participation and contribution as in 1 Corinthians chapters 13 and 14
  5. Prayer underpinning the life of the church.
  6. Grace - receiving it from God and giving it to others.
  7. Faith - a dynamic, risk-filled response to the leading of God.
  8. Investing in the Kingdom of God through generous giving of ourselves and our finances as in Malachi 3:10
  9. Every person ministry.
  10. Developing people in all age groups and investing in children and young people.
  11. Clear, servant leadership.
  12. Receiving and releasing teams of Ephesians 4:11 ministries.
  13. Raising plural eldership, establishing the government of God.
  14. Reaching the lost as an explicit, deliberate, heartfelt goal and preoccupation of life.